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游戏服务器定时任务大家是通过什么方式实现的?还有上面专门说的系统提供的 timerfd,创建后加入 select, 但是受限于 linux 系统,跨平台就用不了了

如何让linux 2.6.18-274版本 支持timerfdclock_gettime来获取,获取时设置 CLOCK_REALTIME还是 CLOCK_MONOTONIC取决于 timerfd_create设置的值。2、如果 timerfd_settime设置

linux下c++的clock()统计时间怎么不准呢? - OSCHINAclock_gettime() 精度可到纳秒,但需要陷入内核,效率较低。 2) 定时,使用 timerfd_create() / timerfd_gettime() / timerfd_settime()

QtInternal 之 Timer - OSCHINA - 中文开源技术交流社区注意,Qt 未使用 POSIX 定时器的API - timerfd_create(为什么?可移植性?)。Unix (使用 glib)Qt 可以使用 glib 事件循环(默认)来编译,它有

VMM unable to create socket since 0.21-开源项目The socket path on the log (/home/jerome/src/github.com/superfly/nomad-firecracker/firecrackers/

kqueue timer is too inaccurate for FreeBSD RAOPAlso: have you got local audio working meaningfully? I've been having trouble with it, I've

Stratux with GPS / AHRS fails after a while-开源Then try to kill it to reproduce the defunct state? First thought is issue with the i2c code.

有人能告诉我这是怎么了? - OSCHINA - 中文开源技术checking for timerfd_create in -lc yes checking for eventfd in -lc yes checking for epoll_create in -lc yes chec

seccomp groups (next round)-开源项目-CSDN问答I think whitelists are good idea, especially now that exceptions can be made easily. But I


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