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comforters n. 羊毛围巾; 安慰者( comforter的名词复数 ); 增加对方痛苦的安慰者; 橡皮奶头; [网络] 家用纺织品; 羽绒被; 被子; [例句]Whence shall I seek comforters for thee? 我何处寻得安慰你的人呢。

奶嘴: 1. nipple 2. teat> 婴儿用奶嘴喝牛奶。 A baby drinks milk from teats. 婴儿用的奶嘴 A pacifier for an infant. 奶瓶: 1. nursing bottle 2. feeding-bottle 3. feeder 4. milk bottle 5. biberon 6. feeding bottle Examples: 1. 牛奶...

英文翻译是:What is in your bedroom

My holidays are coming soon.I have some plans for the holidays and now I will talk about that with you.I will do some cleaning and do some washing with my mother at home.In my free time ,I plan to go to see the movies or play f...

to do some shopping; to go shopping 买东西 shopping centre 商业中心区 department store 百货商店 children's goods store 儿童用品商店 antique shop 古玩店 second-hand store 旧货店 counter 柜台 stall, stand 售货摊 show window 橱窗 ...


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