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How to say that in English, it is a quilt. quilt 是可数名词,可以直接+冠词a,一张被子就是一床被子的意思,所以没有必要把床翻出来。

it's a white quilt

the photo is under the quilt

我的被子很漂亮,他是粉红色的 My quilt is very beautiful, he is pink

Cover with quilt 谢谢采纳

您的问题很简单。呵呵。百度知道很高兴帮助您解决您提出的问题。 原句: 他是一个无聊的人 翻译:He is a boring man.他是一个无聊的人,既不爱娱乐,也不爱念书。He is a boring man. He likes neither entertainment nor reading 百度知道永远...

确保万无一失insure that no impediment shall arise All the electronics in the world cannot insure that no impediment shall arise. 世上没有哪种电子器材能完全确保万无一失 to make extra certain To make extra certain, a police helic...

(It) ought to / is supposed to / should have been so. (它)本来应该是这样的。

没有语境不好确定!翻译方法很多:直译和意译均可! 1.It doesn't matter/count at all.(翻译不要拘泥于字对字) 2.It is quite easy to deal with.(翻译方法:正话反说,反话正说) 3.It is just a piece of cake. 4.It is absolutely/totally...

它是一个橙子 It is an orange 它是一个橙子 It is an orange


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