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What's that in English? It's a quilt.

在国外盖被子的有, 但很多也盖毛毯. 因此1) He doesn't like to tidy up his bed. 在英国一般将被子称为:duvet. 因为英国很少有纯棉花被子. 2) Please use duvet/blanket to keep you warm in sleeping.

这床被子是用丝绸制作的 The quilt is made of silk.

The quilt is blue. It is my quilt.

Is that a green quilt?

全力打击犯罪 go all out to clamp down on crime leave no stone unturned to break up crime 发展出这样一种说法 come up with one saying that... One conclusion drawn as.... It turns out that...

What's this in English? It's a map.

语境不同可能表达方式也不一样. 形容人的: each couple 形容物品的: each pair a couple of a pare of

我的被子很漂亮,他是粉红色的 My quilt is very beautiful, he is pink

地道的翻译: Nothing is the same as before. 不要死盯着中文词语想要强行翻译,最后的结果只有两个: 1,中式英语。 2,很做作且外国人都不明白的英语。 请采纳!


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